Telephone Coaching

Unlimited Telephone Coaching
7 days a week - 10 hours a day - 24 hours in an emergency.
$1,000 per month.
No matter how long is needed to help you resolve issues we will get it done. Our day begins at 8:30 am and ends at 6:30 pm, Eastern Standard time. 
No contract, No appointments, No limits, No exceptions.
Just help when you need it from your assigned coach.
If there is an emergency, our coaches can be available on nights and weekends for an aditiional fee.
Sometimes your coach may be with another client when you call. In this case the client will call you back within the hour (baring some type of an ergent crisis).

Monthly retained coaching services requires payment in advance of the month. For example April's coaching services are billed and due prior to March 31.  Checks accepted.
In Person On-site Coaching
Client Costs

The rate is $1,000 per day with a 3 day minimum. (Prepaid by Client)
The client must pay for all costs from our front door to client’s front door.
Transportation and lodging of consultants is the responsibility of the client.
Consultants fly round trip coach. (Prepaid by Client)
Consultants transport to and from airport, hotel, and work locations via mid-sized rental car. (Prepaid by Client)
Consultants stay in accommodations with 2.5 to 3 star ratings. (Prepaid by Client)
Per Diem for food and misc. is $50 in the lower 48 States, $75 in Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.  (Prepaid by Client)

Scenario: You have contracted us for 3 days. Your costs should go something like this.
$3,000 -service, $400  -round trip coach, $200 -car rental, $240 -3 night hotel, $150 -per diem (food and misc.). Total $3,990. Of course, this is just a scenario. Your cost will be more or less.

Why is everything pre-paid?
Many of our clients are on the brink of losing everything because of bad management and other factors. Experience has taught us that it is better to not have a client at all than to invest our precious time and recourses only to have to spend more money to collect our honest wages, hence, the prepaid arrangement.

All Payments must be by electronic bank wire in advance of services rendered. Checks are not accepted. We accept payments through with 3.5% added to cover transaction cost.